18th Aug 1999, 05:31 PM
HEy this is my 1st post so be kind. Just wanted to say that Infiltraion is a kick a$$ mod. I'd like to say the guys that play r real cool and really help out when u got questions. Since I dont really know much of any INF news could someone fill me in on whats happening right now or soon will? Thanks. Anyone know of any decent servers besides the SOB one i always play on (great server guys)? And uh..do you have to put a space after the end of a sentence?

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19th Aug 1999, 03:41 AM
I'd be happy to fill you in- and thanks for the praise! Basically Catalyst and I are working on getting version 2.5 out the door for everyone's enjoyment. It will include a handfull of bug fixes plus 2 new sniper rifles- actually a revamp of the PSG1 and the addition of a .50 Robar BMG rifle. Unfortunately I'm on military assignment for the rest of this week and next, but shortly after I get back we'll be ready to release. It's mainly waiting on me, and at this time I only have some minor tweaking left on the PSG1 animations before I start the Robar's set. Our plan is, once this is released hopefully it will basically be bug free - or major bug free, and it will be our last release for Unreal. Version 3 is set to be released shortly after Unreal Tournament comes out. In the mean time Catalyst and I will be doing lots of research on what changes to make, what to add and how, and finalizing a draft so the public knows what to expect. I'll also be modeling like mad once we figure out which weapons we'll be adding and what our new characters should look like. We hope to have all if not most of the models finished before UT comes out so all I have to do is create textures and animations for them while Catalyst updates the code. We both have a TON of things to work on - I for one basically have to redo almost all the textures since UT offers much more in terms of detail alone- plus whatever other goodies Epic has in store for us. To get an idea of what we have in mind for version 3 and beyond, visit our webpage and check out the RoadMap section. I will be updating that when I get back with a bunch of things from both our team's and the community's ideas, so if you've got anything to add, feel free!

That about sums it up!

20th Aug 1999, 04:16 PM
Thank you.Looks like you guys are busy and such.Its a great mod and looks like it can only get better.But now could someone tell me of any good inf servers?Besides SOB?

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20th Aug 1999, 09:34 PM
No inf servers other than us! Not that I am aware of anyway. (you guys need to look into implementing a tab in the browser for just inf servers!!)

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20th Aug 1999, 11:55 PM
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Mr. McFeely
27th Aug 1999, 12:15 PM
Regrettably I am unable to smell what you are cooking. Though if you could serve up an appetizer of originality that would be delicious.
Your Neighbor,
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27th Aug 1999, 04:18 PM
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