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23rd Aug 1999, 04:34 AM
I really need (well, want really) to know how to build an exploding wall.

I'm building a map called 'The dam', and it has a small perimeter wall protecting the lift going up the outside of the wall. It would be really cool to have to blow up the gate to access the lift, adding to the realism of the map. You don't usually just walk/run into an enemy base, do you?. DO YOU???

Anyway, I took a look at INF_DmHllbase, but couldn't work out how the effect was achieved in the hut outside the base (the one near another.0

I'm asking you lotbecause you care i.e you will get to play the finished product.

Keep on Fraggin'



23rd Aug 1999, 09:47 PM
First, where you want the exploding wall, cut it out in the shape of a mover. Then, under I think Decorations, there is a class of Exploding Wall somewhere, but you need to take it, and stick it like in the center of the wall that is to explode. Then, place a trigger that will activate both the mover and the exploding wall actor, and set them all (Mover, trigger, and explodo wall) to activate only once. Basically, you need to do this:
Trigger needs to be activated by damage (The damage is not cumulative, it is all at once). The trigger will activate the exploding wall which makes an explosion and sends out frag chunks (harmless), and have the wall (Mover) move really fast to somewhere out side your level, or break into pieces on the ground (Already achieved by the explodo wall though). If you need more help, just ask me.