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Mr. McFeely
26th Aug 1999, 10:38 PM
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The PSG1 model is pretty clever, being able to change the magnification fairly speficically is an excellent feature. However, I've noticed that when you use the sniper rifle, you don't feel at all like you are using any sort of real rifle. When you are zoomed in, the scope view stays absolutely motionless when you shoot. If the screen were to "jump" a bit when firing the gun, it would add greatly the realism, and would make the rifle more fun to use, imo.
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Mr. McFeely

27th Aug 1999, 01:43 AM
I'd like to be able to adjust the zoom to any increment without having to do the animation over again.... like in 2.0..

27th Aug 1999, 04:12 AM
As everyone knows, the PSG1 in version 2.0/2.1 isn't complete. For version 2.5, it will sport a new texture and new set of animations. We'll be tweaking how it fires from a zoomed position to be more accurate. For the zoom change you'll still have to go through the process of changing zooms, but if you hold down the weapon mode button, the hand will simply keep turning the dial through the 3 settings so you won't have to wait for one sequence to complete before you can alter the zoom again. Oh, and we'll be sure to get rid of that damn pause /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif

27th Aug 1999, 05:28 PM
Wishful thinking part 134.
It would be nice to see a bipod...

27th Aug 1999, 10:49 PM
A bipod would be pretty sweet... add-on?

28th Aug 1999, 01:11 AM
The one change that I would really like to see in 2.5 is being able to zoom out after zooming in without firing.

28th Aug 1999, 02:18 AM
This will be fixed for 2.5.