View Full Version : Warren... hurry back.

29th Aug 1999, 02:25 PM
I hope your not gone much longer, we need some new stuff on the inf page. Hopefully there will be a few new maps, once you get back and setteled in. I'm happy to hear about the turrets and every other idea you plan to do with V3. I hope it all works out. And when it does, it's going to be the funnest (is that a word?) game i've ever played.

Off the subject, why don't you guys at inf go into making your own games. I'd centainly buy them and I think a lot of other people would too. Just a thought!

29th Aug 1999, 05:12 PM
Thanks farrp- I finally got back last night, and after waiting 2 hours for my email to download /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif I tried to sort through as much as possible... well, it looks like we've got about 10 or 11 new maps!! Some real good ones too. I've just finished roughly playtesting all of them and will hopefully get them up and available soon!

Yeah, we've got a TON of new features 'planned' for version 3.. hopefully we'll have time to get them all in there! I'll be updating the roadmap with a bunch of the new stuff we've put together as well as updating the damn news page too..

Our love, passion, and dedication to the highs and lows of gaming is very apperant in our work- and we'd be even more dedicated if it weren't for the 'real life' thing.. But we also have every intention of improving our skills both in development and beyond to the point of making serious games and money for our creations.. unfortunately, patience and time are a huge factor here, so it's gonna take quite a bit! We have our general plans for the future- who knows where it'll go- but damn is this stuff fun... /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif Thanks for the compliments..