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Coca Lola
30th Aug 1999, 02:10 AM
I have a big problem knowing which maps are really, really good, and I have drawn the conclusion that the maps played on online servers must really be the most funny. I have also found that the maps played on the SOB server are seldom the ones listed in the map depot. Is it possible to make some statistics of the most popular maps played with Infiltration online? Score's could be calculated using average/total number of player's and how many hour's a map has been played in total.
Isn't there some master coder that could make a program that got the information from the available servers every minute or so and made a webpage with statistics. Anyone could then incorporate the program on their website, personally I think it would be a great addition to the Infiltration website. It would be a sort of rating system for maps.

That would really be great. Btw, does someone have a link to a regurlarly updated topten multiplayer maplist for Unreal(Infiltration or not).

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30th Aug 1999, 07:55 AM
There is a poll on this board about which maps the players enjoy most, I suggest you take a look there (I think the_Rock started it)