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1st Sep 1999, 02:11 AM
I've finally updated the roadmap! It's got some great detail as to the future of Infiltration, so give it a look and let us know what you think! All the ideas on there are tentative and can be changed if we feel the need too.

2nd Sep 1999, 10:01 PM
That is something.

- Will it be possible to chain a specific loadout to a map.
- Does bullet proof vest signify several types (IIa,II,III,IVa,IV) along with helmets.
- Are you going to make vests/helmets visible on the model (fx. with otherwise invisible polygons as on the UT weapons).
- Is the radar spot on the HUD replaced with say a compass to simplify team coordination.
- Are you going to make a prefab library with army trucks, barrels, rope/ladders (like in Klingon Honor Guard, it would be great with climbing animations) you can climb, and other moody stuff.
- Is the AK going to be included in the future, if you are finishing the Terrorist and Soldier class.
- I'm no weapon expert, but isn't it the M16A1 that shoots single/auto, and the M16A2 that shoots single/burst.
- Isn't it possible to acquire parts from HK that makes your MP5 shoot either a 2 shot or a 3 shot burst.
- Will you in the name of reality remove the possibility to set team dammage to something else than 100%.

Thank you for your work. I'm /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif that Inf stays close to the community.

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2nd Sep 1999, 10:51 PM
Well, let's see if I can answer all those questions..

- Level designers will be able to 'disable' certain weapons for their map and possibly player classes in order to keep to their theme. The server will have the option to disable the level's restrictions, or the player if it's a botmatch game.

- What we'll probably do is make 2 types of vest models and have a couple skins that go with each to represent different levels of protection. If this turns into a complicated issue, we'll just have 1 type of vest protection. For now, the vests will be worn below the clothing for some models. We may do a VIP with a vest on the outside kind of thing.. Helmets can be worn by the soldier or spec ops class. They will most likely be an option like the vests.

- The radar won't be replaced by anything for now, but purhaps in the future if a compass looks like it could be useful...

- Our goal would be a prefab library, but with a small design team, it's difficult to get all that done. If 3.0 doesn't have a large amount of problems, that will leave me more time for that sort of thing- which would be great!

- The AK will probably be implemented in the future- especially for the terrorist classes.

- You're correct about the M16-- I had so much info to type into this document that I overlooked it.. We're considering including the M4A1 which has full auto since our version of the M16 is the A2 with semi and burst which will be corrected for ver 3.0 but not 2.5

- Our MP5A10 will only have the semi/burst/auto modes and burst will be 3 rounds. You are correct in that there is a 2 shot conversion though.

I appreciate you bringing up those good points. It helps us further define what will be included in the future!