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10th Sep 1999, 01:18 AM
So sue me...I like this kinda thing /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

1) Lose the radar. It detracts from the fun of having to scout out the CD. Sure, it makes things easier, but I like having to run all around the map to find it...do you know how fun Inf_Bridgetoofar was like this? Oh man...!

2) When you integrate turret weapons, are they going to have infinite ammo? I mean...most turrets I've seen (Beppo) do...but if you guys are going for total realism then how are you going to handle this?

3) This might just be because I'm a pyro, but I wanna see some INF maps with a self destruct button to blow up the CD room if the Attackers get in (A la the Air Raid button in DM Paranoid2) Have fun, Mappers...fire is cool.

4) The Second sniper is a good idea...but looking at the roadmap, you guys seem to have gone nuts with rifles and knitpicked a bit with shotguns and the upgoming HMG. Throw in a SPAS, maybe with flechettes for some difference from the Benelli, and another HMG (H&K 36 LSW...*drool*)

Well...I'm done ranting for now...feel free to stick other stuff here too...

10th Sep 1999, 11:42 PM
I'll try and answer these for you..

1) For version 3, the radar will be an item you can elect to carry, but it will be much less functional than the current one. Stationary objects won't show up- only when someone moves will they appear- and only from a certain distance. Others might choose to fill that spot with a weapon or ammo instead. Servers will have the option to totally disable choosing the radar if they wish.

2) We're going to probably have limited ammo for the turrets. This may turn out to be a time limited thing- possibly up to the mapper who places the turret in the game.. ie if a player uses all 300 rounds of the .50 M2 than it becomes useless.. but if the mapper wants, he can set it so the ammo is restocked after a certain amount of time- or just keep it a single use thing.

3) We will have C4 explosives in version 3 that can be remotely detonated.. but the best solution for this is a set of mines- preferably claymores- that cover all exposed areas around the CD..

4) The weapon selection for version 3 can always be changed if we feel a weapon is worth adding. We'll look at other shotguns but the Benelli basically covers a good solid basis for a typical tactical shotgun.. with both pump and semi-auto modes.

12th Sep 1999, 05:11 AM
Add a compass to the HUD. Take HillBase: Personally I lose sense of direction, of what's on the inside when I'm outside the fort, and visa verse. It's very hard to work together from different directions, if for nothing else, a blue on the right side of a building, is on the left side to another observer. East is still east to another observer.

Shotguns? AA-12 or HK CAW, both magazine fed full automatic shotguns. Remington 1187P Urban Sniper Model, semi automatic slugs only, very special.

Coca Lola
12th Sep 1999, 04:28 PM
I have some ideas regarding the inventory handling.
What if you could press a hold button to step through the inventory? Like Alt for example. The idea is that you use the mouse to step through the inventory. Where primary fire is use and secondary drop. When you release Alt movement with the mouse would go back to normal. You can of course move forward with the directional keys while you are in the inventory. The inventory handling as it is now really sucks. I use ASDW for movement and the inventory keys are just to far away.

You could also include the weapons in the inventory. That would eliminate 13 keys(0-9, [, ] and Enter) and add just one, Alt for example. (empty weapons could be colored red and be nonselectable)

Continuing on that thread, you could make the inventory appear when you press the inventory button(Alt?) on the middle on the screen with larger icons or vertically along the side. Or don't have a 'turnaround' inventory but instead a matrice like this=

w q d|z|
r u h--
u h

Where the characters represents pictures of the weapons. The slots could be predefined but it would be cooler if they werent. It should of course be as transparent as possible so you see if someone is shooting at you. You could also make the character automatically crouch whenever he opens the inventory. The box around z is a selection box that you can move with the mouse. Primary fire to use and secondary to drop.
The weapons the player chooses in the loadout screen could be numbered 1,2 and 3. The other weapons could be unnumbered.

When you run over a corpse or a gun it could say press Alt to view inventory and an additional row would emerge underneath the rest of your inventory.

onground z x c

primary fire would mean pickup.
if you cant pickup up a weapon(weight/credit restrictions) it could be colored red.

You could tweak the grenades so that whenever you throw one you would return to your previous weapon afterwards. That would only take two keyclicks.

When you fire heavy guns shouldn't you move backwards a bit?

What about autamtically crouch when firing the AT4?

The mines should be almost unvisible or atleast not float?

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14th Sep 1999, 12:27 PM
Sigma try this out: Options.Advanced_Options.Advanced.Raw_Key_Bindings