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10th Sep 1999, 04:55 PM
what s the command for the use of the weapons special abilty?

i.e aim
or the shotguns flashlight

10th Sep 1999, 06:01 PM
Lets see if I can remmember...Okey. First start Unreal then choose Game>Botmatch. Once that is done you must play a Classic or Standoff game.(Might be both!) Once your in the game press Esc. Now your looking for 'Set Keys'. But first you have to go to Main Menu or Unreal Menu. (Can't remmember what one it is but it's under choose team 'red' or 'blue'.) If that doesn't take you to 'Set Keys' then play around with it for a while...it's there.

(Don't get 'Set Keys' mixed up with 'Customize Controls' they are differant!)