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14th Sep 1999, 04:26 AM
sorry for the lameness of these questions but I really want to get this awesome mod working 100% ASAP. anyway, here they are:

1. how do you get the "reload" and "weapon option" controls bound to a key on the keyboard? i've tried changing the raw key bindings to "bextra1" and "bextra2" but i still can't use the buttons in a game. Is there a way to bring up the key setup during a deathmatch?

2. is there anyway to make it so you don't automatically switch weapons when you pick up something new? (i figure this option must be somewhere...) there's nothing more annoying than switching over to a sniper rifle by running over it when you're in the middle of a heated deathmatch! Thanks for your help.

14th Sep 1999, 05:04 AM
1. You need to be in a Standoff or Classic game for this. Once in the game go to the main Infiltration menu and find the Set Keys option. You can set your keys from there. You can get to these game modes quickly by setting up a botmatch.

2. I think you can change this in the Unreal Options menu, under Prioritize Weapons...not sure...this may only be for Unreal weapons.

* Just tested this out, you can also set the priorities for Infiltration weapons. Just select a weapon and hit the left arrow key to set it to a higher priority or right arrow key to set it to a lower priority. Set the PSG to a lower priority than other Infiltration weapons if you don't want it automatically switching to it in battle.

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14th Sep 1999, 11:39 AM
2) There is another way, if I could only remember it. /infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif