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26th Feb 2000, 01:32 AM
ethernet attinuation approx. 100 meters
1 1/2 feet from light fix. due to e.m.i
10baset even effeiciently terminated will give no more than 8 mbps
100baset 80 mbps
100basetfx the real deal
the nt kernel will not let illegal operations occur producing fault tolerance
nt oem comes with 5 usage licenses (cannot spell) with one time upgrade to chair
did you know n.t. is platform independant meaning it can utilize r.i.s.c. prossecors such as the digital alpha?
i cannot believe someone said to me that p.p.t.p. could be used as a backbone
if i had a t-1 we would tango
too bad for a.t.m.
i once saw a hot melt fiber termination turn into an emergency room call.
muhahahaha Arcnet
powerplay.... please!!!!!!
who woulda thought that netbeui (i'm drunk o.k. and well deserved-net+ certified today... msce isnt lookin too outa reach) isn't routable.
and they still call me a mod newbie.
hey guys you make the games (damn good ones)
but people like me make it come together for the tight 25 ping-yell-at-them-across-the-room-that-they-aint-nothin-but-the-penny-they-found-on-the-ground-in-a-pile-o-(you know wissa)
i gotta p,
and all the L.O.C> who speaks highly of -inf

26th Feb 2000, 01:36 AM
im gonna reply to myself like the cheap .25 cents you stick in the cup so people think you bag groceries "effeciently"

28th Feb 2000, 04:57 AM
*Takes the $0.25 and plays Street Fighter 2.*