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13th Mar 2000, 06:54 PM
In Germany (on RTL2) you can watch people every day who are observed by cameras. They live for 100 days in a house together, I think it's about 10 persons, every week you can devide per telephone who has to leave the house.
IMO that's kinda weird. I have a life myself, why watch others brushing their teeth?

14th Mar 2000, 05:34 AM
Weird? That's mad..
What happened to the wallpaper you posted for me - I had no floppy with me so I couldn't download it /infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif
And why did you delete it??
And why didn't you answer my question??

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14th Mar 2000, 11:39 AM
because you were right. As a moderator I am not allowed to post soemthing like that.

14th Mar 2000, 12:56 PM
Man, I hate it to be right..

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anything you do can get you killed, including doing nothing

22nd Mar 2000, 12:16 AM
uh, well, if the people are obligated not to wear clothes, yeah that still exists. Just sans voting for who has to leave. Although you can choose which article of clothing they remove next and what they (ahem) do to eachother

theres also the real world, which it sounds like german television was trying to imitate. MTV takes the 6 most unstable and conflicting people and puts them in a house together, and then televises the fireworks. Theres usually one (1) slut, one token gay man (who might also be he token jerk, as it was when they filmed it here in miami), a good old american boy and girl, and other token ethnic groups to round out the cast (plus one person who adheres wholeheartedly to whatever style happens to be in at the time, for example extreme sport person Puck, or whatever his name was). Seperately, these people might be amiable decent people who, in the courses of their lives, would never have anything to do with one another due to personality conflicts. Then MTV forces them to share bathrooms and all hell breaks loose. There is one very neurotic person, one slut, one person who is so laid back it irratates people, the posterchild for the republican party (who wears polo shirts all the time, especially when relaxing), the aforementioned fashionable "rebel" and the ethnical stereotype. No muss, no fuss, just constant conflict, sex, screaming fights, voyeurism, and good clean alchoholism. I shudder to think of what other countries think of us when they watch american television.

22nd Mar 2000, 12:22 AM
and also, have you heard of the game "the sims" neo? It's for people who don't have a life of their own. You create your own family and then screw them up. It sounds to me a little too much like playing "simgod" or something similar.

and yes, the show is screwed up. But people have this fascination with seeing the world beamed to them via the safety of their living rooms. News & weather I can understand, but watching & enjoying another persons idyllic (and not scripted or fake) life is rather creepy. Even worse when you watch "cops". I hope to god foreigners don't watch cops and laugh their asses off at americas "finest".

ok, I have finished my ranting for the day

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22nd Mar 2000, 06:46 PM
Yes, the sims. Who buys these games? Are you able to kill them? Fanatic...

I once passed my vacations in London. The most interesting thing on TV was the Simpsons. You can say what you want, but the German Homer sounds better than the original.
I also watched cops. It was too boring, I didn't like it

22nd Mar 2000, 07:09 PM
a german homer sounds funny, actually.

and I think the majority of people watch cops to feel better about themselves.

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22nd Mar 2000, 08:02 PM
COPS 0wnz me. Especially when they have pursuits or SWAT team raids! Now if they only had a show called SEALS /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

24th Mar 2000, 09:12 PM
hmm, that I might actually watch, but in that case the cameraman has a much worse chance of being shot (which might actually make it more entertaining)