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14th Apr 2000, 11:45 AM
Have you ever A. when at a fast-food place went up to the drink machine and conjured up a 'suicide'.. for all those who don't know what 'suicides' are they are EVERY kind of pop mixed together... man that'l put some hair on yer...umm..nevermind.

B. Have you ever at a store tried to ride in the shopping carts? While picking up random things off the shelves?

C. Do you name your possessions.. ex. (i named mt CD-Rom Ole' Rusty cause it is somewhat old.. a 24x though! and it's used almost every CD I can throw at it.

Also.. I named my joystick 'New Rusty' cause I just got a new one.. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

D. Do you order pizza? and if so from what place? Im not gonna list any though.

E. Can you roll your tongue while balancing a thermonuclear device on your finger?
(most I assume who did it aren't alive to tell the tale)

F. What's the longest time you've ever spent on the internet.. Mine was 6hrs, but I kinda cheated cause I forgot to disconnect and when I noticed it it was 6 hrs /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

G. And lastly do you type quickly or pluck out the keys slowly? I type really fast.



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14th Apr 2000, 01:33 PM
A. What?
B. Yeah once when I was 12 yrs old! I remember... hehe! got chased by the security guys!
C. Not really, I name my Colt .45 Replica "MacTicky"
D. Yes I do sometimes, from Pizza Hut or Dominos Pizza.
E. Uh... no...
F. Uh... OK... um... 12 hrs of non-stop UT (This WEEK!)
G. I type fast.

Also, what ya thiking boss?


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14th Apr 2000, 07:06 PM
A. Several, including various shades of almost-suicides. They can actaully be OK if you don't include the iced tea. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

B. No, but my friend drove through a Toys R' Us on a tricycle wearing a baseball helmet once. He works there, too /infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

C. This computer is named Seibezhen, the one I tore some of the parts out of was Calamity. Name the refrence and win a cookie.

D. Uhm, there are people who DON'T order out food? I get my pizza from a local Italian place, also delivers other Italian stuff.

E. Does rolling my tounge while holding one of the Suicides mentioned above count?

F. If we count your way, 6days and 12hours, my longest Windows uptime since I got my cable modem. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif Longest time actaully spent at the computer, probably ~15-20 hours a few years ago on a mad coding spree on QuakeMUD(which was really a MOO, but don't let the admins hear you call it that /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif )

G. Pretty quickly, I tend to think slower than I type sometimes.

15th Apr 2000, 01:46 AM
a) hell YEAH. My family thought I was a freak
b)no,but next time I go to winn dixie at 1am I will
c)I name my car. Or my friends cars. "Panchito" was my best friends 1989 toyota. He was very tempermental adif you beat him he stopped running. I also named this same best friends boobs, "cheech and chong".
d) papa johns all the way
e) eh
f) I don't touch type, I only use my index fingers and I wham at them really fast. My roomate gets really pissed at the noise.

15th Apr 2000, 02:13 AM
Q) Yes.

3) God yes.

Paragraph 9) Does my penis count?

Subjection L) All the time. From Pizza Pizza.

MCLXIV) I tried to once but then I discovered my "thermonuclear" device was a rectal thermometer and I ran for the steel wool and matches.

Z97-A) My cable modem which is very very very fast and averages (not peaks!) at 300 kpbs is constantly connected and my Athlon 700 (actually 704.97823 - clocked by UED) with 256 megs of ram and a 115MHz front end bus run a very stable machine, especially with a shiny geforce and sb live! in them with beautiful surround and subwoofers and I know I'm making you all jealous.

Dick Clark) Very, very fast.

15th Apr 2000, 08:28 AM
Bad.Mojo! You are DiSgUsTiNg!!!

-but funny


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Cap'n Beeb
15th Apr 2000, 07:35 PM
1. Yes (Had one earlier)
2. Yes (I managed to jump off before the collison of cart and some Chucky Cheese guy)
3. No
4. I could, but I live 30 miles from Dominos and there the only place that puts pineapple on the pizza
5. No.
6. 7hrs (Downloading the SOF demo)
7. Very quickly. I had this program that mesured your WPM and my averages were about 90-102 Words per Minute.

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15th Apr 2000, 08:22 PM
I named my computer "Old Unreliable", because that's just what it is.

16th Apr 2000, 02:33 AM
Have you ever:

Watched Night of the Living Dead? And if so what are your opinions on the ending..

Are you a sprite-guy or a 7-up guy?

Crutons or Bacon Bits?

Has your mind been tainted so badly by sicko stuff that whenever common phrases are used they almost always have shady-othermeanings..
ex. "it" "that thing" "just cleaning the balls"

Can you say the alphabet backwards while saying it forwards simultaenously?

What is your on your mousepad currently?

Do you pronounce the word "lever" like as in "sevurr" or as in "beaver"?

What brand shoes are you waring now.. if any.. if your not wearing them then what brand do you own?

Do you agree with the statement that Tommy Hilfiger started his buisness because that was the only way to get girls in his pants?

Who do you think should be the next president of the USA?



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Cap'n Beeb
16th Apr 2000, 03:14 AM
1. I thought the ending was FUBAR, but allright.

2. Sprite (Must...Obey...Thirst...)

3. Bacon Bits (Have you ever taken a handful at once?)

4. Nope

5. No.

6. My sweet Razer Boomslang 2000

7. I guess, never really paid attention to it...

8. Lugz

9. I never heard about that, but sort of.

10. Mick Foley of the WWF, either him or The Undertaker

Shoplifters will be beaten, stabbed, and stomped. Survivors will be prosecuted.

16th Apr 2000, 05:41 AM
The Undertaker? WTF? The Undertaker sucks. He was better as an undead amish mute than he was a fishnet wearing goth fag.

Cap'n Beeb
16th Apr 2000, 02:21 PM
I was kidding about The Undertaker, just wanted to see what kind of reaction that would get. But you are right, he was WAY better when we didn't talk, but his demon priest gimmick thingy sucked insane amounts of unprocessed fish sticks!

Shoplifters will be beaten, stabbed, and stomped. Survivors will be prosecuted.

16th Apr 2000, 03:35 PM
1- No. Please don't kill me. /infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

2- Bleah. Barq's Root Beer is the only thing I've found that improves preformance in FPSes, though some people swear by Mt. Dew.


4= /infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

5^ /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

6@ An Intellemouse in dire need of cleaning. And lots of scratches.

7( Leahvur.

88 Uhm, Have a pair of black Sketchers boots, reddish suede Tims, and... uh, I don't think these things qualify as sneakers anymore. Time to hit the mall =/

9* Didn't hear that. If it's true, no big deal.

ten Bad.Mojo!