View Full Version : Geforce bug???

17th Apr 2000, 01:57 PM
whenever i play the UT map Fetid Sewers, the bots and objects around appear in many colours. i'm using a geforce pro and i think this problem only occurs when there's lotsa fog
anyone out there suffering like me???

17th Apr 2000, 02:30 PM
what drivers are you using? I'm using a creative geforce pro too. try using the 3.68 driver set.

I'm currently usinf the 5.13 driver set and maps that are suppossed to have fog have none at all. This can be fixed by going to the geforce properties menu and disabling fog table emulation in the direct3d menu. if that doesnt work, try going into UT safemode and change your driver to OpenGL(or Direct3d if you are using OpenGL).

hope this helps^_^

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