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22nd Apr 2000, 01:14 AM
Anyone see it? Ain't exactly on the scale of Saving Private Ryan, but I think it was well worth the price of admission.

Chris Robbers
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22nd Apr 2000, 03:07 AM
going there this week end! can't wait to see it!

--- Geogob ---
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22nd Apr 2000, 05:48 PM
AAGGGHH!!! But its not right!!!!!
Canadians captured the sub not Americans!!!

- Loki

22nd Apr 2000, 10:39 PM
I was a good movie (just saw it about an hour ago) but it ended too quickly. We could only guess that the plane saw them.

Someone should make an assualt map based off of his movie. start on sub, get into raft, get the Enigma Machine, escape before a destroyer comes and blows up your sub. Not entirely based off of the movie but it would be damn cool

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23rd Apr 2000, 02:43 PM
/ there never was a U-571
/ there were several enigma machines captured, the 4 wheel (which the one in the movie appeared to be) was actually salvaged from a plane wreck

Don't go off on an anti-american rant, I'm Cdn too.

good movie though, some really good suspense

23rd Apr 2000, 11:10 PM
I think they got the name wrong. I think it's supposed to be the U-505, and the US captured it, I know that. (thought there may have been a U-571 the Canadians captured, i dunno) It was the first enemy man-of-war to be boared by the Americans since the war of 1812. There was an aircraft carrier, the Quadalcanal, and five Destroyer escorts pursuing it. Two of them were the Chatalain and the Pope, and I can't remember the other three.