View Full Version : SWAT 3 vs. Rainbow 6 HELP ME!

25th Apr 2000, 12:47 PM
Which should I get? They both seem the same to me



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25th Apr 2000, 12:54 PM
I think you should get Rogue Spear, because, they are the same except for one thing. SWAT3 has no multiplayer (as far as I know of).

25th Apr 2000, 02:31 PM
I think that you should get both, and Waxx SWAT 3 will becom MP in August when the expansion pack comes out with a ton of new weapons. Overall, SWAT 3 is a better game than RS, especially the enemy AI (so good) and recticule. You team members donw stand around and let themselves (or you) get shot either. But they are both really fun too, I have both and play both all the time, so why dont you get both, the new expansion pack for RS came out as well and to me it was dissapoiting. Also most of gun classes sounds the same in RS, all the supressed SMG have nearly the same sound, all the AR have nearly the same sound, it really takes away from the experience, I didnt mind it at first, but now I do. The downsides of SWAT is the fact that its not as ruthless as some of the 3rd person character movements arent that good (run/turbo mode) and its police versus CT oriented, at times you have to arrest people versus gunning them down to complete the mission.

Decide for yourself, if I had to pick one Id go with SWAT, but I dont, so get both..

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25th Apr 2000, 04:54 PM
Well.. to be honest.. SWAT sounds like the perfect game.. the only think I don't like about it is the multiplayer patch..when it comes out only supports 10 people... rogue spear supports 16... thats no much better tohugh.. 32 is an acceptable number, but I think quake has the recored with 64 people in a game at a time. Anyway.. since you have both could you answer a few ?'s about SWAT I have?

1.Are the animations of character models fluid? are they intricate?

2. Is the sound farely decent?

3. Are there sniper-weapons?

4. On your screen do you see the weapon your holding in your hand? Are there some firefights or is it all arresting people??

5. Is it easy to control AI members?

6. What kinds of maps are there?

8. Are their terrain affects? Smoke? Fire?

9. Do SWAT character models eyes blink?

10. Are there hit-areas like if you hit em in the leg they bleed and limp?

Thats all



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Mr. T
25th Apr 2000, 05:09 PM
I would think allowing a lesser number of people would be a plus not a minus. 32 is way too many IMHO. Especially for a police theme game. Smaller teams adds to the enjoyment of the game, when your talking about tactical, realistic gameplay. I’d much rather play with 10 or less people than with 30+. Smaller groups allow for better chemistry between players, and provide a greater enjoyment from a tactical perspective.

I've got too many games to keep me busy right now, but I'll definately buy SWAT 3 when the expansion pack is released.

25th Apr 2000, 07:19 PM
SWAT 3 has no sniper rifles.

Main difference is:
In SWAT 3 you arrest. SWAT is a life-saving organisation

In Rogue Spear, you kill terrorists, getting them alive is nearly impossible.

I have both games and I like them both

25th Apr 2000, 09:53 PM
Heres an idea: You obviously have an internet connection, why not DL the demo of both games, the SWAT only has 1 mission, I dont know about RS. That way you can decide for yourself...

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5th May 2000, 10:12 AM
I prefer Rogue Spear...dunno why, but SWAT 3 never appealed to me that much..

5th May 2000, 11:26 AM
Funny, I played both during holidays, and I wouldn't know which one to recommend.
SWAT has some funnier aspects -> you can get the enemy alive - but you're not able to shoot any civilian or terrorist who surrendered; that takes away from reality, since you don't have to think 'who am i shooting at' but only press the fire button; if the gun makes boom, it was an enemy.

I myself would prefer RS. It just has more weapons - which I never used all, so I really can't tell if the sounds are different. You also can play every level in two additional game modes - lone wolf and terrorist hunt. SWAT is also a little bit hard to begin, at the first mission I didn't knew I had to report the guy ready for evac..

If you've got enough money, buy both, because they're both excellent games. If you only have money for one, buy RS and wait until you got money for SWAT..

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PS: and yes, I shot everybody who surrendered to me in RS.

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5th May 2000, 12:47 PM
I’m pretty sure you meant Rogue Spear, but I am a much bigger fan for the original Rainbow Six. Rogue Spear is OK, but I find myself playing Rainbow Six 9 out of 10 times when given the choice. The problem with Red Storm Entertainment (RSE), the makers of the R6 series, is that bugs and multiplayer cheats that still plague both games are not or will not be addressed by RSE. The main one would be the CONSTANTS.TXT cheat where a person could modify simple player attributes making him GOD-like in multiplayer games. This has been ignored by RSE since the problem was discovered four months after the release of Rainbow Six (the original). Rogue Spear has a few issues of its own that were fixed by the Urban Operations expansion disk. The problem with that is:

A. There are still bugs and cheats that were not addressed, and
B. If you didn't pay the cash, you didn't get the fix.

Having said all of that I would still suggest either of the Rainbow Six games over SWAT. I just wanted to let you know what some of the baggage is that comes with the R6 series.


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18th May 2000, 09:27 AM
I reaklly think that's a tough choice, but here's one question that might help, if you have a slower system and video card, you'll hate SWAT, I've got a PII-300 and a voodoo3 and SWAT runs like a slide-show at times ,especially in the Carlyle hotel and at the convention centre (the one where they hold E3).

though I liked SWAT's playability a lot more than RS's, there's a dynamic campaign (IE: missions are in different order, random terrorist placement). Also it has great AI, your teammates will move around on their own, terrorists will know when to surrender (and talk too). Also the Graphics are incredible (though it's like a slideshow at times), there's mirrors, halos when you turn on your flashlight, and some other cool effects.

and the options are cool too, like you have to use a toolkit to open a locked door (or use C4 or a breaching shotgun), there's the opti-wand (a video camera on a stick for looking around corners).

of course, I don't find there's very much replayability, there's no terrorist hunt, no multiplayer (yet), no sniper rifles, a limited choice of weapons.

on the other hand, RS is pretty good too. it has a pretty good story IMHO (Wierd how both games seem to involve those suitcase nukes), and it's a little more simple compared to SWAT (that's a good kind of simple). There's cooler weapons (I love the M-14 and the Barrett), sniper support (unfortunately only a few levels where you can use it), Multiplayer (plus a cool multi-only map called Bunkers). it also has a level editor, a weapon editor, it's easily modifiable (no more using the MP5 model for a M249 anymore, and you can put in an actual grenade launcher), some REALLY cool missions (particularly the two missions in that russian radar station), it has some great replayability with the different modes you can pick (Terrorist hunt).