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28th Apr 2000, 08:20 AM
have anyone played the strikeforce beta yet? i played it at a friend of mine... god .... holy ****... i really can't understand why the programmers released it! [i know that it has been taken back already] ... so many bugs... to get a weapon i had to summon an enforcer to kill a teammate to get his desert eagle! isn't this crazy? but i also saw the maps... and some parts were very real! i remember a lift with doors! i haven't seen that for a map for ut before... and there are some other great ideas... but the bugs... /infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

-reaper was here-

28th Apr 2000, 11:30 AM
That's why they canceled it.

I personaly was looking forward to the maps (I prefer my 2.8 beta weapons to the SF beta /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif ). Are they good?

28th Apr 2000, 01:04 PM
What's StrikeForce aim? Be better than INF? I doubt it!

Mr. T
28th Apr 2000, 01:06 PM
Well, sometimes it’s hard to tell just when Mr. Murphy will decide to rear his ugly head, and to what extent. Anyway, I’m sure they’ll get it fixed up soon enough. I’m really looking forward to seeing the maps myself.

Being a programmer, I sympathize with them. It's just too bad they have to put up with all the bitching and moaning that's taking place. I'm sure they are more annoyed by the situation than anyone.

28th Apr 2000, 01:32 PM
this is funny somebody posted on this, because I waskinda curious but was afraid to ask.

I didnt think SF was going to be all that palatable right now, so I'm just as NOT suprised as anyone that it was working very well.

28th Apr 2000, 03:12 PM
Laddy daddy everybody the king of new york the king of new york... anyways...

All I will say is that SF put more out then just new weapons for SF so there is alot more that could go wrong. Perhaps INF's method of just releasing bits (for instance just a few of the weapons first with add ons such as the turrets) was better recieved then what we did by releasing ALOT of new code. And I'll be the first to admit that pulling it was NOT the best idea and the world so kill a guy for making a mistake.

There is a broweser fix out that you can dl now that fixes the broweser problem. But for goodness sake read the instructions. Most of the problems you talk about reaper are becuase a. you didn't do a clean install b. you didn't assign your keys before you started or c. you didn't choose a character before playing. These where explained in the directions.

Also if and when you dl the broweser fix let me warn you ahead of time. Make sure that UT is still set for SF (through the SF starter) before you add the patch on.

Personally I told most people who where just looking for a good game to play to wait for beta 2. beta 1 is the first beta and as such totally buggy. It does however work if you just follow directions (see above and the directions that came with the beta). Anyone who thought that beta 1 was immediately going to be on par will all the other established mods was just kidding themselves.

Anyways I appreciate the constructive and well worded critisms I found here. Its posts like these that remind me why I visit this forum as often as I do.

Oh and as a mapper let me just say thanks for the SF mappers whose maps appeared in the first SF beta. We hope they only get better.

28th Apr 2000, 08:18 PM
I didn't really get it and I don't want to post this on the SF forum. There're too many angry people right now:
what exactly did go wrong?

28th Apr 2000, 09:07 PM
ok i really must say that the maps have some great ideas... and evil_joe i played sf only at a friend of mine computer... and i didn't found a mod- menu.... and what with install it wrong? we just started the .exe ... anyway i don't want to say that sf is crap... i think the idea behind the mod and the maps is great.. but i think you should have wait with the beta release until the most bugs are out... say if i'm wrong
and... if there isn't a mod- menu... i'm one of those lazy people who don't want to write something in .ini files just because there is no mod-menu... if there is one.. sorry! ... where is it? /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
ok apologies for all i said wrong /infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

-reaper was here-

29th Apr 2000, 05:42 PM
The SF forum is out of control *L* I don't blame you Neo. Soo many new posts and most of them are just pointless, just poeple flaming each other. We went from having a decent forum to one more like the current CS forum (no offense to the CS team, just a fact of life, that forum is ruthless and now so is ours).

Ok reaper there is no mod menu cuase its not a umod! *G* Also you have to do a clean reinstall. I just reinstalled UT myself but first I backed up all the stuff I wanted to keep and after I added SF I added that stuff back. But the important thing to know here is that the SF starter switches between .ini files for UT and SF. In this way it allows you to bascially have two games. Your normal UT and your SF. When SF is completed it will be like a whole new game, its own starter, menus, presets, etc. Right now its partly there. People have a hard time with this concept for whatever reason. I dunno. *G* To get to the point there is no mod menu in SF. SF and UT are sperate. Any changes in prefernces you make in SF does not translate to UT and vice verse. If you have SF you no longer us the UT starter... you might as well take it off your desktop if you intend to use SF. Instead you use the SF starter for both and choose between either SF and UT to play. The only real downside is that to switch between the two you have to exist out of one and start the other.

As for the problem... I'm still not clear on exactly what happend. It doesn't really concern me. It will be fixed. There is plenty of debate about whether we released it to soon or too late. IMO its all relative to the person. SF never compared itself to any other developer out, however poeple have preconsived ideas about how the first beta will be or that you have to buy weapons (you don't in SF and people said that they couldn't buy them and that they where getting them for free and reporting this as a bug *LMAO*)

2nd May 2000, 10:54 AM
I really liked those player skins...

2nd May 2000, 10:37 PM
I wasn't able to get the beta myself, and didn't even know it was out til i read this.

One thing i should mention is that you guys should have maybe limited the testers. So instead of everyone being "disappointed" by the bugginess of the first beta, your selected beta testers will tell you only constructives comments. So a closed beta would seem pertinent in that situation. Also, you guys almost taunted everyone with screenshots /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif . No offence, but ya guys did.

I would not say it was too soon for a beta though. Beta testing is probably the best way to find bugs. You get a variety of machines, specs, and users configurations to deal with.

I think that's it.

3rd May 2000, 01:00 AM
funny part is I just downloaded 2.75 today, now that they have UT 4.13 for mac. After firing it up, I kinda realized how much work went into that sucker to make it perfect. The options, the standoff mode, the lack of a mutator and replacing it with a gametype. Jeez this was a lot of work when I was expecting a dinky update. Nice job.

unfortunately, SF and RA got all hyped up and ready to go, released, then realized neither was really ready to go.

ba bye

& I'm still waiting for SF in a mac format so I can see for myself how it is.