View Full Version : Unreal and Geoforce.How to select D3d or OpenGL

28th Apr 2000, 05:24 AM
I have not got a clue after searching through all the options(including Advanced) of how to make Unreal run in Open GL or D3D with the GeoForce 256 Pro.I used to run SLi on Voodoo but after upgrading to Geo all I can do is run Software. This is with patch 225f.
Any ideas.......Please.
I may sound thick,sorry, but really I have searched all the settings and wheras with 3dfx I could select Glide or Open GL, I cannot find any way of changing from Software!Please, please guide me.Thanks

30th Apr 2000, 11:30 PM
thats very simple...in case you havent figured it out by now, do this: start UnrealT in "safe mode" you'll get a screen with few choices as in run ut, run it in safe mode and one of those will be change your 3d device...choose that one...it should come up with 2 choices, 1. software render and 2. direct draw or d3d, check mark "show all devices" from there you should know what to do