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23rd Apr 2000, 08:46 PM
I recently formatted my Hard Drive cause of some nasty virus problems. I didn't get any of the drivers or old system files on account of the tape drive being too small and I only got about a quarter of what I wanted off the machine. Then I formatted it and reinstalled win98 cold turkey. I did only the medium install with no fluffy extras. I managed to get everything working again and I think I got all the drivers I needed. My only problem is that now the sysetm seems to be running at about half the speed it used to run at during certian operations. Is there something special I need to configure or something that win98 misses during the reinstall that i've missed??? any help is appreciated thax in advance.
p.s. i have a p2 350 mHz /w 64 megs of ram and 13 gig HD.

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25th Apr 2000, 12:16 AM
sounds like a hard disk controller or SCSI controller problem. Did you reinstall the latest drivers for you hard drive? Windows has default drivers, but they are generic. I had the same problem and went to the hard drive manufacturer's site and downloaded the latest drivers for all the controllers and disk drives. Had no probs since.


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