View Full Version : Setting up Unreal LAN

21st Nov 1999, 09:34 PM
How do I setup a LAN server for Unreal. I've tried just setting up a server but the other computer is not seeing it. LAN although works for other games so I don't think it's a problem with my networking.

22nd Nov 1999, 10:33 PM
Unreal uses TCP/IP protocol, just like the web.
Lets say you have 2 computers connected.
One is the server, the other the client (some may call it a slave or a terminal, the concept is the same.)
In the option of unreal is a setting for net style of play, modem/LAN/ISDN connect...
Choose LAN.
Exit the game
I have 3 computers all LANned together.
One is my base, or my server, as my gateway.
All of the options are done in the
settings/control panel/network
Give each computer a unique name...
you could call the server COMPUTER1
the client COMPUTER2
Now in the LAN card protocol for the server
you need to give it an IP addy.
Use this subnet mask
hit close and close the network window, it will prompt you to insert the Win95/98 disk(s), then reboot.
On the client subnet mask
notice the only number change is the last one
(not the subnet)
additional computers just increment it +1
click gateway (on the client)
and add... click add
thats the trick, the gateway.
thats all, close out, disk handy then reboot.
Now start your server on the server machine
and choose "Find Local Servers" on the client, and your server should show up.
Happy fragging!