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20th Apr 2000, 01:18 PM
I have a Diamond Viper 550 and a Diamond Monster II video cards. Unreal is made for Voodoo based cards I'm told and I don't believe neither one of my cards are Voodoo.
Can anyone tell me if there is a patch out there somewhere that will give me added video pleasure with either one of my video cards? Thanks.

The Toastman
20th Apr 2000, 01:59 PM
The Diamond Monster 3D II is a Voodoo2-based video card. For best performance, you should play in 3dfx glide mode (which is the mode for voodoo cards). Of course, make sure you have the latest patch for your game (Unreal or Unreal Tournament?). You can get the patches at unreal.epicgames.com

20th Apr 2000, 02:10 PM
Thanks for the info Toastman. I will look for the latest patches. One quick question though. How do I tell Unreal to use the Monster II card and not the Viper card? I've always been confused as to which card is going to be used in any game I play. I am running Windows 98.
Just to let you know, when I bought this computer, I was misled into thinking that the Viper and the Monster cards would both work at the same time, thus providing me with the total RAM of both cards. I have since found out that you either run one or the other, depending on which game you are playing. I have yet to come upon a game where the Monster would be the better card to use until now with Unreal. I don't have Tournament yet, but do have the original and the first Mission Pack. So bottom line is, any game that is Voodoo based, should be run from my Monster II card?

The Toastman
20th Apr 2000, 10:55 PM
The Viper v550 is a TNT-based video card, so generally speaking, your Monster-II card will be the better performer of the two so yes, you should use it for any games that will allow you to. Generally, the Voodoo card will automatically over-ride your other video card, so it shouldn't be a problem. Just a tip, if you see 3dfx or glide as a video option you should select that mode. For Unreal, the first time you run it after installing or patching it should ask you if you have a voodoo card installed and just answer yes. If you are already installed and patched, go under options, advanced, drivers, and for video select glide. (I'm doing that from memory, so my menu names may be slightly off)

FYI: Monster II (voodoo2) can use 3dfx glide mode and direct3d mode (glide faster).
Viper v550 can use direct3d mode and OpenGL mode. If you select direct3d (d3d) mode, the voodoo card automatically takes precedence. Only mode that will default to Viper550 is OpenGL. Hope this long-winded post clears some things up for you without putting you to sleep...

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24th Apr 2000, 03:04 AM
Thanks for the great info. After installing, it asked if I had a 3dfx card installed and I said yes, so I am assuming that the Monster II card is running the show here. I am a bit frustrated though with screen resolution. I can only play at 800x600. If I select the higher resolution - 1024x768- it won't work. It bumps back to the lowest resolution 512x380 or something and I have to manually change it to 800x600 again. Anything you can think of to allow me to play at the higher resolution? The Monster II card has 12MB of ram and my system is a PII 450Mhz with 128MB of ram. I'm running at 32 million colors also.

The Toastman
24th Apr 2000, 04:03 PM
Unfortunately, the Voodoo2 comes from an older generation of 3d accelerators and only supports 3 resolutions: 512x384, 640x480, and 800x600. The voodoo2 won't do anything higher than 800x600. However, it should run 800x600 pretty nicely on your system :).

24th Apr 2000, 04:10 PM
Thanks again Toastman. Is there anyway for me to use my Viper550 card instead and get better resolution? Is there a patch out yet that allows Riva TNT cards to play Unreal? The 550 does have more Ram than the Monster II. What say you?