View Full Version : level editor w/o hardware?

19th Nov 1999, 09:52 PM
my friend is pestering me about wanting to know if the UnrealED is able to work on a computer w/o hardware acceration?

UnrealED does not seem to work on his p2/350, 64mb ram and diamond speedstar graphics card.

when i load it up on my comp, which is a p2/233, 32mb ram and a v3 3000 it works correctly.

does UnrealED need hardware acceration for it to work?


20th Nov 1999, 05:23 AM
There's a fix for UnrealEd on the net that might help. Umm... sorry, I don't know a url, but I'm sure you'll find it somewhere... I think it's on Epic's site.

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20th Nov 1999, 01:29 PM
oh, i have the patch, but my friend never downloaded it off the net. ok, i know which patch your talking about. thanx.