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15th Apr 2000, 03:00 AM
I recently puchased a PII 333 from a friend who was buying a new PC. I got it so that i could make a 2 PC lan at home!
Anyway, this PC has an I740 video card, im not prepared to upgrade for a while as i have more important thing to spen money on.
I would like to know which driver in unreal i should use, so far i got best performance from the D3D driver. Also, under the D3d rending section (advanced options) theres a list of features (like multi-texturing etc. etc.), which of these does the I740 support?

15th Apr 2000, 07:48 PM
for information on the i740, check out intel's website (www.intel.com).

Off-hand, I don't recall which features it supports and which it doesn't. I _DO_ have an i740-based card in one of my systems, but I also have Voodoo 2 SLI in it, so I don't use the i740 for much.

I'd recommend using the OpenGL renderer, and grab drivers from intel's website or from the GLsetup program. (http://www.glsetup.org/ I think).

However, if you get good performance out of D3D, then use that. I'd recommend leaving those settings at their default values, however.

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16th Apr 2000, 04:37 AM
ok, thanks i'll get the drivers and have a go!