View Full Version : So is there MULTIPLAYER right NOW or NOT?

10th Dec 2000, 02:00 AM
Im confused.....I hear that online play isnt out and wont be for 1 week to 2 months. I see version 2.82 is the newest version out. When i go to the downloads section, "offline play" is the only options to choose from.
Yet then I hear about version 2.75 that HAS multiplayer abilities. Although it is worse than the 2.82 version. so whats the deal? Is there online play or not? Is it worth it, or a test of online play? ORRRR is the GOOD online play coming out in 2 months or so...thats what Ive gotten from it all.

10th Dec 2000, 02:11 AM
there is NO online play in version 2.82
there WILL BE online play in version 2.85

you might wanna download it anyway, you'll need it to patch up to 2.85 and its great with bots anyway.

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10th Dec 2000, 02:22 AM
Infiltration 2.75 was basically a port of Infiltration for Unreal with some slight tweaks and fixes. It was online. Infiltration 2.80+ is the official Unreal Tournament version of Infiltration with new models, weapons, sounds, interface, features, etc. It's offline only. Infiltration 2.85 will be a stand-alone download (the previous versions will not be needed to play) which will add multiplayer support, as well as a new weapon (SIG SG 551-SWAT) and a new soldier model. Hope that answers your questions.



10th Dec 2000, 02:30 AM
stand alone download? will there be a patch also?

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10th Dec 2000, 02:38 AM
No patch. If it were just a simple bug fix, then yes, but there are so many additional features and models that it's just not feasable.



Angel Of Death
10th Dec 2000, 11:26 AM
Good thing I'm gettin my VDSL for Christmas. 52 megs a second, here I come!

Best of the Best

10th Dec 2000, 06:29 PM
No patch!? Oh boy... And how are you planning on getting 52megs a second?

11th Dec 2000, 11:15 AM
Huh.. 52 megs a second? That's faster than some T1's. Let's see here.. 52 megs is 54525952 bytes which is also 436207616 bits. Divide those bits by a million and it's that 436.21 million bits. So you'll need a downstream of 436.21 Mbps to handle 52 megs a second.

Here's a comparison chart for common networks:

Modem 9600 Baud to 56 Kbps
ISDN 64 Kbps
DSL 64 Kbps to 800 Kbps upstream, up to 9 Mbps downstream
Cable Modem Up to 2 Mbps upstream
T1 1.544 Mbps
T3 44.7 Mbps
ISPs OC-1 51.8 Mbps

Also, here's the performance of the current VDSL standards:

12.96 - 13.8 Mbps 1500 m
25.92 - 27.6 Mbps 1000 m
51.84 - 55.2 Mbps 300 m

You'll notice that you have to live approximately less than 300 meters to the ISP in order to achieve the 52 megaBITs per second you stated.