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14th Dec 2000, 12:16 AM
Would you play game type in wich you have to take prisonners or carry on your back wounded or unconcious buddies?

Exemples :

Get in and get out :

You must do a mission, but you must not leave any compromising fact behind you. You must do your task and bring back your woundeds, unconcious and deads before the end of the round or else the defending team win. you must not leave any proof of your "involvement". The defending team must do whatever is nessessary to keep something from you so they may have proof you were there... You must leave before time's out because your "get away" is timed.

Rescue :

You must rescue a pow (played by one of your team). You must infiltrate the enemy facility and get him out. The defending team must prevent you from freeing the pow, but is not allowed to kill the pow (he's too valuable, say he's a spy, a scientist or someone they can't kill because of some special reason). The defender may not be allowed to leave their base, at least not before the alarm ring.

Save our buddies!

You must carry some wounded soldier (from a plane crash, a bloody battle etc... ) and you must get pass an enemy patrol (that must stop you from reaching a particular spot on the map (extraction point? Escape boat or chopper?). They may even try to take prisonners (knock you unconcious).

One or two player carry the guys while the other try to protect them. All living character of your team must reach the escape point, if an unconcious or crippled player is left behing, you lose, if you are all killed or captured you loose. If less than 2 of your guys reach the escape point you loose.

Take a prisonner :

You must capture one of the other team members alive. The defending team must just hold on until the end of the round or they loose. The attacking team must take a prisonner before the end of the round or they loose. If any defender commit suicide or kill a buddy they loose.

I know, they may need some more thinking to make sure the 2 teams don't just kill off each others.
There must be some extra rules to make sure one team would not just commit suicide or kill some of their own to win...

Any ideas to make this more interestin

14th Dec 2000, 03:53 AM
some of it is cool but some of it is repeditive

I mean to much jail break i say the jailbreak thing is pretty cool

And getting a VIP guy to where hes got to go without him getin killed is cool to

But i dont even know if its possible to knock someone out using the infiltration engine

14th Dec 2000, 06:59 AM
Just a remark for the mode Rescue : I do not want to be the prisoner since lots of rounds will end by killing all men of a team without even seeing the prisoner. Place a bot in this role it will be less frustrating for the poor guy.

14th Dec 2000, 07:40 AM
One thing i see all this carying unconscious and deadguys around, will this mean you can go into shock and stuff... it would be cool.

you get shot (yell: "ouch the aaaaaagony" and faint), your buddy sees you get hit (yell: "Johny NOOOOOOOOOOO") he runs up to you (you, mumbling. he: "i'll get you out of here... bla bla bla", he drags u out, calls for the team medic the team medic stabilizes the wounded man so he can walk with a little help and perhaps even defend himself again.
Now ingame this would need onl a few minor changes:
1)The ability to go into shock (say instead of dying there is a 25pct chance of going into shock).
2)Medical equipment, for the sake of gameplay every soldier is a full medic. you just have to spend weight and cash on medical equipment.

When u use medical equipment on a soldier in shock he comes too (a slick anim in which he get's up to crouched hight would be cool) and he can fight again but he isseriously wounded so he'll better stay away from danger.

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14th Dec 2000, 09:24 AM
There is another trhread on that subject:
"Effect of wounds" !! :)

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14th Dec 2000, 10:56 AM
Tranq dart and sleep gas grenade could be added, as well as chloroformed rag ;)(yeah, chloroforming a guy is quite unlikely).

The game mode i proposed are still incomplete and may need some reworking... Most of them could use timer or some objectives to be completed before you can either escape/retreat... And yes, some prisonner/vip role could be attributed to bots, as well as the boring guard duty...

One thing i though during the night was the use of camera, alarm system ans alarm trigger... It could be interesting to have to guard a base (the enemy can enter from different entry) and you have alarm you can trigger (that would show on a minimap on a wall or in a personnal hud) to call for reinforcement (other team members or friendly bots). The enemy could also trigger those alarm to send the guards at the wrong place (trap or decoy action). Camera could be used to monitor what is going on on the map, but could also be hijacked by the enemy or simply blow out or the video room destroyed... Anyone remember Duke Nuked 3d?

And about carring bodies around, you could also drop them at will (if you need to fight back) then pick em up again later. Games could last even after all of one team as been defeated, the remaining team must finish it's task before time is out or the "defeated team" might win because they succeded in preventing you to finish your task.

I believe games should be task/scenario oriented and one team slaugtered don't always mean one winner. Imagine a game in wich all your team was defeated but you held long enough that the opposing team may not have time to finish it's task, or you could hide what they are seaching for before your death (maybe some rules could apply to this or else you would always hide stuff and it could be unfair). Sometime your task could be completed before you are all killed so it could be considered victory, but the body count would not be in your favor...

I think a summary at the end of each round should show team performance stats (maybe thoses could be recorded on a file for tournament issue)... Points should not be the only thing recorded, friends or enemy killed, task accomplished, secondary objectives or special actions (like rescue of a downed team mates) could be summarised too...

15th Dec 2000, 06:27 PM
Yea, sure, why not. It all depends on how well the gametypes are implemented. If it's done well, people will play it. Done poorly, people will hate it.

Make the gametypes first, then let us respond from firsthand experience.

15th Dec 2000, 09:41 PM
Theses game types would be quite hard to implement because of the human nature of the players themselves... Like water they will try to find short cuts and ways to bypass the rules... But if well implemented and played with serious gamers, theses game types could be really fun to play... I never coded for UT so i'm not the right guy to try to make this, but i would gladly help anyone who would attempt this (help find the rules, test it etc...).

16th Dec 2000, 03:58 AM
The job of the mappers and designers is to outrule any "shortcuts". Abuse can be prevented by smart mapping and brainstorming (and feedback from the community).

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Killing stupid people is not just a hobby, it's a way of life.