View Full Version : Gliches

24th Oct 2000, 10:06 PM
Alrighty...well, I had INF running quite well and was enjoying it until all sorts of gliches started popping up. First, I went from DM to CTF and Assault...when I got tired of CTF and Assault, I switched back to DM but for some reason the "Balance Teams" and "Max Teams" options were gone and it always started all DMs with 4 unbalanced teams all with the same skins. I tried a few things to correct it, but in the end had to reinstall 2.8. Now my problem is that after the reinstall, all of my keybindings are gliching. I set a key to use for pushing and holding down to crouch, but it uses it like it was set to toggle crouch. Auto-reloading is off, but it still auto-reloads, and any key I assign to manual reload does nothing. Also, a minor annoyance I've noted all throughout 2.8 is the fact that all of my personal settings, like team color and name, seem to like to reset themselves to their defaults each time I load it up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

LRotan, the not so almighty