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25th Oct 2000, 01:53 AM
Ok I posted this in the general froum and I'll post here.

Ok sense I d/l Inf280 , I played it at least 4-5 times now ..each time for an hour or less. Here is my problem ( and I thought i
fixed it) Well the problem is my game freezes, some times it will freeze well over 10 minutes, other times it will freeze at the main
screen. The game freeze , my mouse freezes and the music starts to skip like a broken record. The times varies on when i freeze
up , the most I was able to play was 25 minutes, other times it will freeze at the main menu. I have switched around the following options and still having problems:
Turning the Game Detail from medium to low
Turning the world texture from medium to low
Turning the sound from high to low
Running on 640x800 instead of my usual 800x600

Now what I need from you guys is some other options that may help. I see that there is a frame rate option that's set at 28 I believe ,
and I haven't messed with that yet, would that help and what number should I set it at. Any other things based on performance that may help me?

I have a p3 600 with 128 megs of ram , 600 mhz and a TNT 2 video card ...

Thank you for your help , if you can't help me well thanks any ways for trying, if all else fails I guess i'll have to wait for a newer version on Inf280. Laters

p.s maybe its the hole UT game by it self, if anyone knows of any web page that explains any tweaking for UT plz reply with the site address ..thanks