View Full Version : (Mac) INF_mapping file missing / launcher problems

28th Oct 2000, 12:44 PM
Okay, after downloading the 2.80 umod and installing it, I came back and found out there were more detailed directions than just load the umod and go. I followed those to a T, and I'm STILL having problems.

For starters, that iSolder file never showed up, so I'm feeling like I missed something.

At any rate, when I try to run INF from the special Mac launcher, I get the startup icon zoom, then a system beep, and then it quits. If I try to load an INF map from inside a properly launched UT, I get a message that says:
Failed launching URL
Cannot find file for package 'INF_mapping'

Yes, UT is version 4.25a, and yes, I followed every step of the Mac install properly, including copying in the correct .ini file. As near as I can tell, I did everything right to get this up and running.

(And in case this info is relevant: beige G3/233 (clocked to 266), OS 9.0.4, Voodoo3 w/ b9 drivers.)

Any clues what I might have missed, or what I need to fix this?

29th Oct 2000, 02:47 PM
You may have already found the solution for this problem since no one would really reaply to your post, but if you still haven't this is what you need to do:
1.) Go to your apple menu and pull down to about this computer find out your largest unsed block of RAM with all other applications closed.
2.) Go to your UT icon, click on it once, and hit (open-apple and I) make sure your prefered Memory is no greater than your largest unused amount.