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27th Apr 2000, 10:47 AM
Yay, 2.75 has fixed most of the things I found really annoying about 2.71; thanks lots for that!

However, it's introduced a couple of new problems:

1. In Capture The Flag games when you kill everyone on the opposing team, you now no longer have to get the flag, you just get a countdown to the end of the round and get a flag capture. Good! BUT it doesn't go through the normal flag capture logic, so even if I set the game to end after one capture, it just keeps going and going forever. Also, you don't return the flag to the base at that point if it wasn't there already, and there's a marked tendency to respawn me at one of the other team's spawning points. Tried setting the Infiltration standoff config to play a maximum of one round, but that made no difference.

2. I like the Infiltration skins, but I also like playing standard UT games with Infiltration weapons; it appears that even with Infiltration skins disabled you now limit the game to only using the basic human models which came with the original game. I'm kind of missing Samuel L. Jackson the Bad-Ass War Cow...

27th Apr 2000, 05:22 PM
Mmmh, the CTF version featured in 2.75 was a last minute update. So, I think I haven't tested it totally /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif
Sorry for this.

To Samuel L. Jackson (the war-cow)...
first: does Samuel now about this =)... LOL
second: well, we use our own player classes within Infiltration. These are based on the standard UT ones only (including the Boss player). We have changed many things inside these classes, cause we had to. Well, the war-cow aso is only available if you have the UT Bonus Pack installed. If we had included an INF-War-Cow to get our own stuff to work with it too, everyone HAS to install the Bonus Pack too, cause else Inf will not work... even if you don't use the war-cow.
In addition these war-cows aren't fitting within the Infiltration idea /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif
If you want to play the war-cow WITH Infiltration weapons, you have to use just the Infiltration mutator on standard UT games. But cause we have changed many things internally, some parts of this mutator are based on our own player classes and game-types now. So, we have deleted the line inside our INT files, that allows ya to play the mutator even with non-Inf game-types.
If you still want to test it (don't know if it will work 100%) add the following line inside the InfiltrationUT.INT file in your UT\system folder:

Object=(Name=InfiltrationUT.InfilWeapons,Class=Class,MetaClass=Engine.Mutator,Description="Infiltration, Combat with real weapons - Infiltration.")

then the Infiltration mutator will show up in the mutator list again.


27th Apr 2000, 05:34 PM
Thanks, I'll try that!

27th Apr 2000, 06:23 PM
I have the same problems, too. And because I am playing most of the time CTF it is quite annoying.
I really don't know why anyone is playing Assault with bots. They act really stupid and just run around like they are suicide commandos.
I hope the bots get better in future versions.

28th Apr 2000, 11:10 AM
Good! That works OK, there are a few minor problems (e.g. the reload and change mode keys don't work), but I can live with them.

I was having the opposite problem with bots in Assault; having configured my bots to be more cautious and -- hopefully -- more realistic, in AS-Bridge most of the opposing team just sat at the start point and refused to come out until I swam over there and started shooting... Impressed, BTW, to discover that not only can I swim while carrying a Robar, I can also snipe with it while swimming ;-).

On the Samuel L. Jackson front, I downloaded the voice pack from the web, and the first bot without a new voice was a War Cow... and after a while it just seemed to fit! Doesn't move too fast, but with increased skill and accuracy he's normally in the top two or three in any botmatch...