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27th Apr 2000, 09:20 PM
When i go into the mod part of UT and select the inf server part and it goes to a list where i can select the server i would like to join. It will count the servers but i dont see anything when its doing that, and then when its done counting it does the other part and when its about 9% or so it just locks up the game , and im forced to reboot or close the program . It does this each time i try to find inf servers when i use the listin under the mod option in UT.

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28th Apr 2000, 12:07 AM
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Our server browser is beta right now, and as we speak, we're putting the last touches on the new one- the download will be really small and it'll interface with a Master Server Browser at our good pals at SOB. This browser will make it easy for you to find Inf only servers real quick. I'm hoping to release it tonight, depending on how complete it is.

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