View Full Version : Stuck in zoom mode.

28th Apr 2000, 02:53 AM
Help, I'm stuck in zoom mode and I can't get out.

i was playing Infiltration 2.75 and I was in zoom mode when the match ended. Now when I play the game or any mod (Inf, UT, Strike Force) I am stuck in a zoomed up view. Ive tried to pick up different weapons and change zoom but it doesn't help. Is there a config somewhere that I can change.


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29th Apr 2000, 02:05 AM
Ok, I figured it out. For those of you that may need to know, here is how I fixed it.

Open you User.ini file in the \System directory. Look for [Engine.PlayerPawn]. Scroll down to the following configs and make sure they look like this:

My settings had changed to 20.000000.

29th Apr 2000, 07:24 AM
I've had that stupid-ass stuck-in-zoom-mode happen to me before, and I freakin' hated it! Now i know how to fix it, thanks man.

29th Apr 2000, 09:05 AM
No prob. Glad I could help.