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28th Apr 2000, 03:00 AM

Been trying to set up a Darkmatch snipe match here in on a LAN and noticed (after switching gammas and brightness for an hour) that when someone hosts a Darkmatch game, their computer has the correct settings (we want it real dark so that you need to turn on the light to get around). But computers trying to connect to the server don't have darkmatch settings on.

We made the connecting computer's server settings exactly the same as the host computer, with no luck.

Is this a bug or are we doing something wrong?


28th Apr 2000, 03:57 AM
This bug is listed in our Bugs and Fixes page. Make sure you check there so you're up to date on all problems and possible solutions.

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28th Apr 2000, 05:57 AM
doh, i looked at the roadmap and faq, but didn't think to look in the bugs and fixes since the version i dl'ed was just released...my bad

but thanks for the quick reply. Hopefully 2.8 will come out soon - playing bots gets boring cuz (i think) they can see u with or without using the lights.

but darkmatch-snipe matches looks like it has alot of potential for me. Was playing it on one of my buddy's custom snipe maps, with very little open space so that you had to use your light to move around. loads of fun. Keep up the good work!