View Full Version : Radar: I can't turn it off for SERVER!!! Help!

28th Apr 2000, 03:54 PM
Help! I'm trying to turn the radar off so that it over-rides a players setting and NEVER . I've added bInfilAdminRadar=False to the Infmutator.ini file and it still shows up in the game, if a player connects and has radar active. When I set this option on my machine and then do a "practice" session, the radar is off, like I've set it to be. Is there any way to turn the radar off on a server so that it will not be available no matter what a players setting is when he connects to the server. If this is a bug, can a quick fix be made? The radar is neat for some games, but when you want some realism, it's pretty bad...

29th Apr 2000, 02:08 AM
I beleive Radar is now a player controlled option, not server controller. Each player can either turn it off or leave it on.


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