View Full Version : Where do I put this file to get INF 2.75 to work???

29th Apr 2000, 02:46 AM
I have UT, version 413. I just installed Infiltration 2.75 and configured it the way I wanted but when I went to play it crashed. The only way was to select inf from the category menu then it crashed. I read here on this site to download that file and put it in your unreal\system directory but my problem is : when I click on that file all I get is some text so what do I do with it?

In order to put it in the system directory I can't paste it unless I put it in a notepad file, then what do I name it?
Or am I suppossed to put it in the UT ini.?
If so, where exactly does it go and what do I have to change ?

Could someone please give me some details on how to make this work, please!!!