View Full Version : INF installed to a fully patched UT but blank spots are where INF items should be

1st May 2000, 08:58 PM
I installed inf 2.75 over 2.71 and when i enter the game and go to game type i get no inf options (eg INF - Assault). Instead i have blank spots, placeholders if you will. The same holds true with the INF 2.75 skins. After entering player options, I go to the INF model category (forget exact name) and chose it. I then see that under the faces and skins pull-down menus nothing appears but a thin line indicating it is empty. My UT is fully patched and everything on the site and board i have tried including uninstalling and reinstalling the mod and all other mods on my system. I am a huge fan of the INF mod series and after playing 2.75 at a friend's house am eager to get mine up and running. any help would be appreciated.

2nd May 2000, 08:42 PM
how did you install Infiltration? With the UMOD file or the manual install? If it's the latter, did you follow the instructions on the release page? The manual install will require some editing on your part.

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