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15th May 2000, 10:24 PM
I am just wondering, there are ALOT of guns in on the Infiltration page, way more than there are in the game... or is there a way to get more guns? Just curious! /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif


16th May 2000, 02:03 AM
All those weapons will be available in the 3.0 release.

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20th May 2000, 09:42 PM
wont those be in 2.8 too, or will it be new skins for the existing weapons????

21st May 2000, 04:24 AM
2.8 will have all the current weapons, aside from the AT4, except with new weapon models and a new hand model. Additional weapons will be the KaBar and Desert Eagle handgun. The remaining weapons you see in the armory will be released with 3.0

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27th May 2000, 09:15 PM
I love INF give me a date 4 2.8 if possible....drool....DE....drool....DE.....drool/choke/gag/cough/gog...uhhhhh...DEATH IS UGLY!

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28th May 2000, 08:29 PM
Well, when you start seeing screenshots of the new player model in game you know it's that much closer to being finished.


29th May 2000, 12:23 AM
So, i see you guys have a fully fuctional 2.8 alpha( i believe thats what an internal beta is called) out except for player models. It would seem the case as you brag about how you are playing it, not posting things like i'd tell you, but i can't. Well, maybe..