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17th Mar 2000, 12:39 AM
Forgive me for probably asking a question that has been asked many times but is version 2.71 not good for multiplayer?I read a message previously about someone having version 2.71 and having slowdowns over a LAN.The answer to his problem was that 2.71 is not good for online play and that he should get 2.70.I just uninstalled 2.71 after reading this and have downloaded 2.7 to try it out.
Can you tell me if this will be fixed in a later version?
I am a new user of INF and have just recently started visiting this site.I love the conversion but would like to keep up to date on the versions of it.(I have my 53yo Dad,51yo uncle playing this online with me)


17th Mar 2000, 03:24 PM
2.71 is offline only.
There will be an online version soon.

29th Mar 2000, 07:55 AM
Nuther newb here... err... to Infiltration, not to the 3D shooters *wink!*
I noticed running the mod on a LAN here at my house, the server runs fine, but the other PCs on the LAN run really laggy - and it seems that other players weapon flashes remain on the screen interminably... (say a player shoots an M16 with the rounds hitting a nearby wall... at the wall a flash occurs, kind of like sparks... and keeps sparking, just won't go away!).
Is this related to what was mentioned above about the version not working online?
Hope so!
I'm an Action Quake II freak, LOVING the realistic weapons and such, and found that this mod is sweeeeeeet as well! Gotta work over the LAN though *mosh!*
(Or if anyone knows how to get rid of these sparks/flashes, lemme know? Weapon flashes have actually been turned off in the settings of all 3 PCs on the LAN, dunno why they even show up!)

29th Mar 2000, 02:54 PM
Yeah, that's what we mean by offline only. =) We've got a few more things to address with the next version and we should be good to go.

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