View Full Version : I can't get Infiltration to work

28th Mar 2000, 04:08 AM
Ok, I REALLY want to play infiltration, but for some reason , I can't. I've done everything it's told me to do in the readme. I can pick "Infiltration" in the mutator box, but I can't select anything in the "Mod" menu. I've tried using the Umod file, but it always gives me a virtual memory error. What can I do?

29th Mar 2000, 05:06 AM
If you have Infiltration installed with the 413 patch turn off Destructable Ammo. If you do not have an Infiltration Configuration option in your Mod menu one of the other Mods you have installed is conflicting with Infiltration. YOu can run the Add/Remove program applet, select Infiltration and remove the conflicting Mod from there. Then reinstall Infiltration and it should work.

As for the Virtual Memory failure. Not sure. Maybe a corrupt UMOD file?


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30th Mar 2000, 03:25 AM
Hmmm...doesn't really help me cause I have the latest 4.5b or whatever it is, I just bought the game a week ago and I got the newest patch as soon as I installed it. Second this is the first Mod I've put on my computer, so it can't be conflicting with any others.

30th Mar 2000, 09:44 PM
Are you on a mac? If you are redownload the Inf files, then unstuff them with Stuffit Expander 5.5(you can get it at the aladdin website if you don't have it yet), in the preferences, select cross-platform, and set "Convert text files to Macintosh format:" to "Never".

Then install the Inf files(or Umod) like regularly.

31st Mar 2000, 04:09 AM
Nope, I'm not on a Mac, I don't even own one. I've tried uninstalling UT and reinstalling it, but I have the same problem. I can't even get the bonus pack to work...Maybe my computer just doesn't like me...