View Full Version : Can I uninstall Infiltration?

13th Apr 2000, 08:58 PM
I can't seem to get any players in my games because it takes so long to download the infiltration mod. I would like to uninstall it or disable it. Anyone know if these can be done?
email me if you could please. sice@neo.rr.com

14th Apr 2000, 10:20 AM
if you want to run a server without infiltration, simply delete the serverpackages=Inf... lines inside your UnrealTournament.INI
So, you can play Infiltration, but not as a server.
If you really want to uninstall the mod:
- if you have the Infiltration Background 'installed' (the umod version does this automatically) go into our menu and 'uninstall' it under extras.
- delete the serverpackages lines named above, or uninstall it by using UT's uninstaller (if you have installed it using the umod)