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26th Apr 2000, 10:11 PM
First Problem:
After I died the game freezes for about half a second and goes on. Sometimes it just crashes (about every 15 deaths).

Second Problem:
The Last player Timer option does not disable. I set it to 0, but after all bots of the enemy-team are dead and I want to grab the flag it seems that the timer is set to 10 seconds. Really stupid and annoying (spelling??). Sometimes if a bot has the flag he just respawns with the flag in his homebase. Hmm...strange.

Someone else got these problems ??

However, the new ballistics are just great and it really feels much more realistic IMO.
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26th Apr 2000, 10:16 PM
If your game crashes again, zip up your UnrealTournament.log file and email it to me.

We made it so during CTF, if one team dies, the round restarts since most have complained of having to still capture the flag with no competition.

The bot respawning with the flag I have not seen before- we'll have to look into it.

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27th Apr 2000, 05:56 AM
Yeah, but what about the 1/2 a second lag whenever you die or sometimes kill somebody? I am getting that too....

I don't get the crashes though.


27th Apr 2000, 07:50 AM
My unrealtournament.log file is a 0-KB file.
What's wrong ???

27th Apr 2000, 07:58 AM
Yes, I expierence this lag, too.

I thought it is my old and slow machine (PI 200MMX) having trouble to switch to a complete new viewpoint when playing this animation from 3rd person view and doing some Inf-specific stuff in the background (it's like playing QIII now :-). Sounds more like a bug now.

Anyway, the whole menu system of UT has become really slow now. Opeing and closing windows, especially the Inf mod window, takes ages. Is this normal after adding mods and models the system has to manage and keep in memory? We already know that these Epic guys never think beyond their next lunch, so another thing we have to get used to.

But a least we got 50 weapons slots now. Wow, that a boost towards scaleability! What a great design decision, Epic :-) I think, the are all filled now after I also installed U4E. So, what happens now?

Nothing else to report, though. I think Inf 2.75 ROCKS ASS (to say it the American way :-) I love all the little details you put into the game. Keep up the good work guys!


P.S.: Hope people start to play online now. I was a bit lonely last night :-(

P.P.S: These map packs you distribute as official contain the file citytex.utx twice (i.e. in two different packs) with a different length and date!

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