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30th Nov 2000, 10:13 AM
Infiltration was THE mod until version 2.82. One of the reasons I liked it so much was the element of realism it envoked. The absence of a crosshair, aiming via a weapon's hardware, damage inducing falls, etc. all served to make Infiltration the best military simulation out there. Until version 2.82.

2.82 contains all these features, with one devastating addition: the view bob. From the outset, the view bob setting in the original Unreal was intended to give the player a sense of walking and movement, so that the FPS experience didn't end up feeling like Descent. In Infiltration 2.82, this feeling is necessary, but implemented extremely poorly.

When we humans walk, the muscles in our neck and shoulders compensate for the movement and attempt to keep our head on a even keel. Without this compensation we would quickly fall ill, much the same way we get motion sickness from a variety of situations. Unless you have medium to severe motor-neural problems, the perception is that of a smoothly flowing movement - not a violent bob swishing back and forth.

Infiltration 2.82's implementation of the view bob takes away from this basic (real) fact. I understand what the developers are trying to do. Anyone who has tried to sight a gun while walking knows how difficult it can be. I suggest a return of the view bob to it's original intent (i.e. user controlled), and an implementation of bob in the weapons themselves. Or, a view bob of say, .3 for walking and .9 for running (on a 0 to 1 scale). Instead of our whole view moving, the guns themselves should bob about (which I have noticed they do already to some degree).

A word on realism: I concede the fact that no game is truly realistic. In our modern society, especially among generation X (of which I am a part), the horrors of war are forgotten or unknown to all but a few. Nobody wants that level of realism in any game - games are intended to entertain. What individuals and companies are attempting to capture is the thrill inherinent in the Hollywood action thriller, not the horrors of war itself. Indeed, I wonder how many of us would play the games we do if we had experienced first hand actual tactical warfare.

The bottom line: the view bob setting in 2.82 is a cheap fix for a real problem. Developers: remove the limiation! Return Infiltration to the enjoyable expereince it was, instead of its current state of frustration.

Go ahead, flame away. It doesn't matter if I am right or wrong. What matters is the enjoyment, which in this case, has been totally thrashed.

30th Nov 2000, 12:55 PM
The view bob has not been increased in 2.82, but instead teh gun bob has been increased.

Your head takes care of itself, but grab a broom or something, hold it to your shoulder and run around a bit, your head stays somewhat level, but the broom will bounce around a bit.


Goat Fucker
30th Nov 2000, 02:44 PM
Z├╝ndfolge is right, to witch u have sunk youre own battle ship!

There is no increase of veiwbob, only weaponbob, take a clouser look at youre screen and whats realy happening, its the gun that moves from side to side, not youre head.

And u say the fun factor has taken a step down the ladder! most people here LOVE it, it ADDs a sence of realism not being able to hit with the same degree of acuracy running as u would walking.
U are prtty much alone on this one dude.

All hail the PRF!

Acey4 NA
30th Nov 2000, 05:28 PM
goat ****ers right dude,and i have no idea why u talk about the horrers of war.......generation X[me too]is desensitized to violence.i see a dude getting mugged i watch and place bets :rolleyes:

30th Nov 2000, 05:45 PM
I don't see the gun bobbing. My actual FOV rocks back and forth like I am on a boat or something. Perhaps this is an optical illusion on my part. Of course, when a gun is sighted through a scope, etc., then I do see a violent rocking, but this is to be expected. It's when the gun is unsighted that I see this rocking and sloshing motion.

I'm glad you guys like it the way it is - as for me, I'll go play Counter Strike. Less realistic, but as of INF 2.82, more fun.

30th Nov 2000, 07:55 PM
The only people I can see complaining about the change in bob are those who must've had their view bob set to 0 before, and are now pissed that they have to deal with realism.

The new system is great. Stop. Take your shot, and move. That's they way it works. Get used to it. Stop complaining, and practice. You'll need it online! :D

For you, the end is near.

Goat Fucker
1st Dec 2000, 11:14 AM
Yeah, it rocks something hard!

The gun bob's the same amount at hip as it does aimed, and its still only the gun.

I cant see youre problem try as i may, i just cant tune into it.
There is no problem!

All hail the PRF!