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21st Mar 2001, 09:56 AM
guys, i'm sooo enjoying inf. it owns!
but last night when i played the ut mod rocket arena, i noticed when that i'm flying around ( when i'm not playing ) now i have the same 'flying around' physics as in infiltration. only after i press the alt-fire button i get 'normal' flying around view & physics again.

i don't think many of you have played rocket arena lately but if you have it installed, just join a server, play a game and when you're dead, just fly around and you'll know what i mean.


21st Mar 2001, 01:23 PM
I'm not sure exactly what you mean?

UT Rocket Arena and Infiltration are 2 completely seperate mods.

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21st Mar 2001, 06:09 PM
O_o hu?

I kinna understand what your talking about, but I think the UT cam and the INF cam are the same. is the RA cam diffrent, and I just not know??

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23rd Mar 2001, 08:19 AM
for example, when an UT RA game is starting but you're the only one one the server, you'll be 'waiting for other players' and in a 'free-cam' mode. This is also when starting a normal UT deatmatch game and when the level is loaded, and you don't press fire you're ably to fly around the level right?
Ok, so in INF when one is flying around the level after one got shot, it's like you're flying in 3rd person mode with only the player in front of you made invisible. The mousebutton functions as a toggle between live feed from otherplayers and free-cam.
I'm pretty sure i've seen this last part mentioned somewhere else in this troubleshooting forum btw.
Well, when i was playing RA and i got into the free-cam mode, it had the same 3rd person with invisible 1st person physics as Inf. I'm also pretty sure that this wasn't the case before.

It's not a very annoying bug don't get me wrong pls, i'd just wanted to mention it.