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17th Feb 2000, 05:23 AM
I started messing around with some of the more recent mods for Rs, and i found what i've think is the best way of doing the reticule.

I'd prefer a combonation between the retuicule of Swat3 and R6... but rather than using the distracting "moving cross hairs" you use color & brightness. For instance, in RS when have the best aim possible the reticule flashes.. what i wish was that the reticule went from darker to brighter as your aim got better. That way you 1: don't have an exact idea of where your shot will go, but have a good estimation, and 2: you don't concentrate/ get distracted by the moving sliders.

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17th Feb 2000, 10:33 AM
Ehm, that's exactly what we had planed for v3.

17th Feb 2000, 12:30 PM
We're already working on it as you can hear, but thanks anyway DEFkon.