View Full Version : Claymore mines

17th Feb 2000, 10:40 PM
Tripwires for seting off Claymores???

Use a remote detonater like you plan to use for the C4 explosives.

The Claymores sucked in 2.6 because they hardly got trigered (except by shooting them) and were more of a nusince than a threat.


18th Feb 2000, 01:03 AM
I never played 2.6, but honestly tripwires seem impossible to program, at least from a person with a laughably small amount of programming experience..

would there be a limit to how far you can string a tripwire? Would the tripwire even be RENDERED, since it's not supposed to be visible? If so, could I feasable string one up in, say, that wide main streat in dm-urban arena? Even though the explosion would do no good?

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