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24th Feb 2000, 12:31 AM
First off, the zooming on the scope is wrong. You don't turn the elevation knob to zoom. The zoom ring is near the eyepiece. The zoom does not skip magnification like 2x to 4x to 6x.The zooming is more like the sniper rifle in UT. Its also quiet, it does not click.

Wall penetration should be texture specific like in Swat 3. Take a MP5 for example, it can shoot through a thin wooden wall but not through a metallic wall, etc.

The recoil on the MP5 is a tad too much. It should be toned down a little and the shotgun has too little recoil.

I know alot about firearms, I have a few BB firing replica guns. I'm also a very good modeller/texture artist. I'm considering joining the Infiltration team. I have pictures of my work. E-mail me.



24th Feb 2000, 01:52 AM
"I know alot about firearms, I have a few BB firing replica guns."

That's cute. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

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24th Feb 2000, 03:08 AM
I do know alot from books and training manuals not just my replica guns.

The replica guns are similiar to real guns in appearance. So they are a big help when modelling and texturing. The internals are very different of course. These are not ordinary bb guns like Gamo or Crossman. They are airsoft guns.

Shan if you call any of my future posts 'cute' again I will shoot your eye out with my G3 SG/1 Automatic BB gun.

Goto to this site.

Check out my Colt Speedcomp GBB Pistol.

http://www.airsoftzone.com/gun_db_image.cfm?Family=Colt&Model=Speed Comp Silver Edition&Picture=WA_Speed_Comp_Silver


24th Feb 2000, 03:38 AM
Uh well, if you think you're considering joining the Inf team, you might want to try contacting me- cause it probably won't happen the other way around.

Texture-specific penetration hasn't been coded yet, as the current shooting through walls is in beta stage, like the readme file says. Besides, UT doesn't even support the ability yet, but we do know that Epic will have this available in the next patch.

MP5 kick seems to be fairly accurate according to some who've actually used the weapon.

The current weapons and animations are predated to before UT, and will be replaced with new weapons as you can see in the Armory. This will include sniper zoom animations.

If you think you're a good 3d artist, feel free to send me a few images of your work- I'm always open to those who think they have talent.

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