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24th Feb 2000, 01:27 AM
sorry 'bout all the post I put up that were already suggested but I have not been on the board since inf 2.6 (ah the good ol unreal days)

well back to business

-Trip wire- this would be nice a small almost invisible wire that would cause some one to fall and have a nearby sniper take em out.

-Bandages-i dont know if you guys are putting them in but it would be cool if they were

-silencers&scopes&laser sights- these should all be items you pick up and select the weapon you wanna put them on. dont know if this was already suggested. some weapons should have some equipable while others shouldnt like a HK69 with a silencer thats just silly

-Hostage-just a thought but taking a member of the other team hostage would be cool and also give some time for some much needed torture. Sorry late at night and just coming up with this stuff and writing it down

-explodable ammo issues- I think that somea mmo should deffinetly explode while some others cant unless a real big boom. I think a grenade should go off by firing at it while a normal magazine for a mp5 would take a much bigger blast to make em go off. Just a thought

-Teams-there should be four teams (probably suggested already all the way from 2.6 but just bringing it up again) there should be INF teams that take over the normal teams and not just 3 but 4

-blue-arctic assault team
-red-desert foxes
-green-jungle strike force
-gold-urban squadron


24th Feb 2000, 04:10 AM
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