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24th Feb 2000, 01:56 AM
Hey, I was just wondering... Why is it that when shooting the weapons, you decided to use "instant hit" rounds, meaning they have have infinite velocity. Why not just make the rounds a particle (like the hk grenades, only invisible) so that way they actually have real velocity and can be affected by gravity! Would this be too slow? Imagine sniping someone with the psg-1 at long ranges and having to compensate for elevation and lead... would be cool!
Also, in real life, I do not think that people can juke around like superhuman football players. Is it possible to add an element of inertia to player movement? If not, what about lowering the strafe speed just a little?
Thanks, ed

24th Feb 2000, 03:34 AM
hey ed, i agree with the ammo part. i know of a mod for regular unreal that included that feature. it was called serpentine, very good mod if you ask me. but it's dead now, the team did it just to see if they could, which is funny seeing as it was better than a lot of the "proffesional" ones. (infiltration not included of course, you guys kick ass). anyway, the sniper rifle in that mod was the Remington 700 (an awesome gun by the way, but i understand about the not adding any more weapons). but i digress. that was a very high velocity rifle, so the effect was negligble, but when using the Colt .45, which is a big, slow, heavy cartridge, the effect was very noticeble. it didnt seem to slow the gameplay down too much there, and it would be a very nice effect to balance out the game play styles. for instance, a lot of people use the robar over the psg because of it's superior zoom capabilities and stopping power. this kind of makes the psg suck in most people's eyes. but the .50 cal BMG round is an even bigger, slower, and heavier round than the .45 ACP, so perhaps the robar would be turned into a weapon that relied on skill more than anything. the sniper using it would get hit with double duty in the bullet drop area- the distance he would be shooting would be longer (thanks to the better zoom) and the round slower to begin with. bottom line is "please o please stop the hail of teleporting bullets!" thank you.

24th Feb 2000, 03:45 AM
Hate to burst your bubbles, but the weapons do have ballistics. They are invisible projectiles. The problem is, the scale of a normal UT map makes it fairly impossible to notice. What we did is take realistic values of velocity, bullet weight, drop, etc and plug them into the game. Guess what- they still appeared almost instant hit. So we slowed them down some. Try playing a HUGE map with an area where you have a great distance between you. Use the PSG or M16 or anything and you'll notice there's a pause between you firing and the actual hit. From what we found, the .50 BMG rounds were actually faster than the .308 of the PSG-1, but of course if anyone cough *Gryphon* knows better, and can give us actual variables, we'll gladly make adjustments. We need real variables, not "well, it's slower than THAT gun" =)

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24th Feb 2000, 06:08 AM
Ok, I admit I was a little skeptical of you warren, but sure enough, after firing up AS-Resurrection, I noticed the velocities! But like you said, they did seem really fast sometimes. I'm not sure how I missed this before, but thanks for pointing it out.
Anyway, do you need the info on muzzle velocities? If so I can get all you need, it is fairly easy to obtain.
What do you think about my idea of the inertia/strafing concept though? I wish I had some knowledge of unrealscript, I would try out all these ideas on my own /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif