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24th Feb 2000, 03:39 AM
Hello, cruel world.

I read the roadmap _again_ to make sure i did'nt say anything stupid again /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif, and i ran across an interesting ommision.

It says there will be classes in the game like terrorist, Spec Ops, Soldier, etc.... But how are these classes arranged? It does'nt make sence to give the Spec Ops operative the same $ as a Terr to spend on weapons and equipment, 'cause the Spec Ops equipment tends to be dollar-heavy.

When you tie this in with weight/bulk, it just don't make sence. A terrorist would probably carry some pretty heavy out-dated equipment, so he would have alot of $ left over after the load-out screen. Whereas the Spec Ops guy would'nt be able to afford much more than his primary and secondary weapon with a few other things chipped in, like spare clips.

Another thing, are all guns available to all classes? An Islamic Fundelmentalist (sp?) carrying 'round an m4 w/ silencer, laser, m203 etc. would be kinda outta place for a Terrorist. Ditto a Spec Ops guy carrying a Mini-Uzi when he could have and mp-10...

I think that the classes should have independant money, bulk/weight restrictions, and weapons available. Spec Ops would have lots of cash, access to ONLY high-tech weapons, but conversely the smallest bulk/weight restriction. This would keep him from being way over-used, since you would have to think about which weapon/item combo would be most effective for the particular map you're on. But the lonely terrorist? Would'nt he just suck? Not neccasarily, for he would have the highest weight/bulk limit. So he would make an excellent mine-layer or medic, or ammo-hauler for teammates. It would (hopefully) encourage teamwork.

What ya'll think? Will it work? It only needs some play-testing tweeking that's all, no more.

If ignorance is bliss, why are'nt more people happy?

24th Feb 2000, 03:55 AM
Nope- sorry, we're not limiting classes to any variables outside what the player chooses as his or her weapons and equipment loadout. As far as a terrorist getting their hands on an M4, they aren't always limited to some Islamic hate group who gets financial support from robbing liquor stores. Terrorists can be domestic to a country or international. They *could* have the financial support of bin laden (sp?).. they *could* be some rogue militant division bent on overthrowing the government.. point is, we're not limiting any group because it would basically take weeks- if not more- to iron out the 'fairness' when in the end we'd have to sacrifice some variables just to make it fair, at which point it becomes unrealistic anyway. And as far as a spec ops unit, wouldn't it make sense for them, if they were infiltrating an enemy camp, to dress and use the same weapons as their enemy? In the end, there are certainly possibilities which warrant using every weapon by any class. Classes in general will only suffice in differentiating between players. This makes it easy for everyone, simple to understand, yet fun for the whole family http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~unreal/modcentral/html/sarcblink.gif

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24th Feb 2000, 04:11 AM
Ehh, I guess it makes sense in a wierd making the mod fun-sorta way... Does'nt mean i won't still sneak around with my AKSU-74 and cap some people with it's superior firepower and probable cheap price /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif

24th Feb 2000, 06:09 AM
Perhaps the "class" connotation is a bit confusing. They are "actors", with new models and a theme for our game types. Nothing more.