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28th Feb 2000, 09:59 PM
Was playing around with the AT4 the other day, and noticed that it travels a bit too slow. If I can remember in real life an AT4 goes about 1/4 faster than that, maybe more (it's been a while since I touched one) Also, when you fire it, it makes a huge ass noise in itself.

Another idea for projectile sounds. Ever notice the sound bullets make when they fly by you? Some make whizzing sounds, others you can hear a "crack" as they fly overhead.
Is it possible to make the projectiles generate noise, so that it might be possible to emulate that whizzing sound in infiltration? Then again, they might be going too fast in the game to even notice. Just some ideas,

29th Feb 2000, 05:06 AM
Yeah, the AT4 projectile needs to be sped up greatly. I think the figures were 400 meters per second. The noise is tuff to do since the Unreal engine kills the original pretty badly. We'll keep tweaking it though.

the projectile noise is possible, though I don't know how it'd effect gameplay, but also, it won't sound like it does in the movies. Basically we have to have a sound that emulates a repeating noise that is fairly 'seamless.' Which makes it impossible to get that same effect that you hear in the movies. Anyway, something we'll certainly look into.

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