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29th Feb 2000, 08:31 AM
If I read the roadmap correctly you've 4 kinds of mevement:
proneing would be wunderfull
crouching would be great
Speed burst...well...I'm not sure if this feature would be used a lot.
Maybe you should have a 5th one.
Running would help to get very quickly from A to B when the distance is very long.
BUT you should not be able to aim from your shoulder while running.
The same thing when you are moving in prone-position->no aiming

29th Feb 2000, 02:34 PM
You mean like it is now? We'll keep that of course.

Sprinting is to get VERY quickly from a to b

29th Feb 2000, 03:23 PM
I think you did not fully understand.

Example: Running is similar to 90 or 100 % Speed NOW
if you do this there is NO chance of aiming.
The point is the aiming (or no aiming) not the speed.

Walking would be similar to 50 or 60 % now.

Will you be able to aim while moving in prone-position ??

29th Feb 2000, 04:56 PM
Let me clear this up. We don't want something as simple as movement to be complicated, so all it's going to be is you can run/sprint, walk, crouch/move, and prone/move. The exact speeds will be determined once the code is in place and we can tweak it. Basically your default speed is walk. Then if you want to run/sprint, you'll press a bound key and you will run/sprint for as long as your stamina will allow, dynamically decreasing. The length of time will be determined by how much weight you're carrying. When you crouch/kneel, you can also move, but it'll be slower than walking. Prone position will be VERY slow movement. You will be able to aim in all 4 stances/speeds but your aim will be horrid if you run, good if you walk, better if you stand, even better if you kneel (not moving while crouching), and best if you're prone. Crouch/kneel and prone will be button toggles, while running you'll have to hold the button down- though we may just make it an option for these settings too.

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29th Feb 2000, 05:26 PM
yeah, basically, all i have to say on this subject is to keep doing what you're doing. having the stamina bar and all the different positions/movement types and speeds is a pretty big jump ahead of all the retail games on the market right now (im pretty sure at least). one thing i think everyone who plays inf should remember is that realism is fun and worth it to a point, but after a while, insane realism and equally insane detail would really detract from the gameplay. to quote i believe gabe newell, founder of valve software, "who really wants to die in agony for 2 hours from a gut wound?" if you were to make movement completely real, you would end up with the screen bouncing severly whenever you move at a run, and more than would be enjoyable when walking, not to mention a whole **** load of side to side when crawling. thank you team, i dont think you boys hear that enough frankly.

If you run you'll just die tired.