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2nd Mar 2000, 03:57 PM
I was reading the roadmap and wasn't quite sure about something. When you are holding dual weapons in a firefight and time is of the essence, will you be able to choose only to reload one so that you can be ready to fire again in a shorter time.

Also, I realise this may be a bit difficult but, when you are changing the magazine from a gun that is not empty, there should still be one in the chamber. Would it be possible to shoot that one shot while reloading in the probably vain hope of taking off the head of the one who caught you 'with your pants down'?

Many thanks

2nd Mar 2000, 06:27 PM
I think reloading 2 guns would be a bit of a pain in the ass, to the degree that it'd just be easier to switch to a gun with ammo.

2nd Mar 2000, 06:31 PM
At first I have to state that I'm a real opponent of the dual weapon thing.
Just one question:
You have a gun - a round is in the chamber(if you didn't empty it totally) - you change the mag - a big bad bot comes around with a M16 ready to fire - do you really think you'll have the chance to fire a well aimed shot at that bot before he bursts you down?
After all most guns take that long to change the mag..
I'd prefer to keep it how it was..

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2nd Mar 2000, 06:41 PM
Basically we're going to keep it as simple as possible. Everyone knows dual weapons is more fun than realistic. Your accuracy won't even be that great. If you're holding two pistols and one runs out of ammo, but you have clips left, both weapons will stay up until the other is out of ammo. Then if you reload, it'll lower both guns for an extended period of time until they are both reloaded. If you have no more clips left and one weapon runs out, you'll lower that weapon and when you stop firing repeatedly (ie at a breaking point) your free hand will return to your original gun- or if the gun is in the left hand, you'll switch it to the right-- all very quickly so if you need to shoot again, the response time won't be a problem. May sound complicated, but it'll flow fairly smoothly. And all of this is subject to change if we find another route that's easier. It's hard to speculate on any of this until we have the actual models and code to work with. I do want to make an option in the general config so if you use up all the ammo for a certain weapon, you'll automatically just toss the weapon out, freeing up more weight.

oh, and no, even if there is still one round in the chamber, you won't be able to fire it in the middle of a reloading animation- supporting that would be very difficult. Just be conscious when you go to reload your weapons- as in real life, don't stand around in the middle of a battle to change your mag- pull out a useful weapon, find some cover, then reload.

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